Zack Banack
Self-taught programmer, writer, doodler, and college student
I am a 19 year old college student majoring in Computer Security at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In my spare time, I independently develop games and applications which tend to draw inspiration from trippiness and the 8-bit era. My mobile games are published under Snorkel Dork, a side-project I established in 2015.

Since 2009, my creations have been downloaded collectively over 1,000,000 times and are avaliable on Game Jolt for download here. My iOS applications can be found here.

Other hobbies of mine include writing and drawing. I plan to release a comedic poetry book, "You're not Funny," in the future. Follow my art Instagram account (@zacksdoodles) for progress on that and my amateur artwork.

Keep up-to-date on me on Twitter. I hope you enjoy my stuff!